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Musical Note
Musical Note

In the five-day Youth Opera workshops, three elements of theatre -- singing, dancing and acting -- come together in an original children's opera. During the month preceding opera week, the children and support team of adults begin the preliminary work: learning the story, text and music, preparing sets, props and costumes, and engaging in cultural studies related to the theme/culture of the opera. (Youth Opera provides the libretto, musical score, guidelines for casting, costuming, set design and props, along with a sample videotape and audiotapes for rehearsal.)


During opera week, each day is given over to rehearsals. The day begins with physical and vocal warm-ups, singing the cast songs, and learning the language of the theatre. From mid-morning to mid-afternoon, the children work on solo and small group songs and dances. By mid-week, rehearsals move to the performance space and staging is begun. Dress rehearsal is Friday morning and the performance is Friday evening.

As the 'reviewers' (children and adults who have taken part in the opera experience) keep telling us, the Opera Workshops make a lasting impression on young lives, giving them heightened self-confidence and goal-oriented focus. It also brings whole school communities -- children, parents and staff -- together in a productive and joyful event. A number of schools make this an annual event, either during the school year or as a summer camp offering. When it is a summer workshop, the children come together one week prior to opera week to do the preliminary work.


The yearly season for opera bookings with the Joneses is arranged in June, with bookings made one year in advance. Performance rights on a royalty basis are also available (production material but not on-site direction by the Joneses.)


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